La eksterne brukere dele sensitive data med vår organisasjon på en enkel og sikker måte

Egress Switch Secure Web Form is an effective mechanism for sharing sensitive information and large files between external users and organisations When data is shared via clear text email or file transfer sites, organisations and third parties have no way to protect, audit and control sensitive data, leaving them vulnerable to data breaches. Hence, third parties regularly need a secure single point of contact to share or receive sensitive information, including large files, with specific users and teams within an organisation..

Help third parties share sensitive files. Our secure online forms are an effortless way for people to encrypt and share sensitive data with your organisation.

Ensure sender verification. Put tools in place to protect and control the data being received. This means you can ensure your sensitive data is sent to the right people. 

View full audit logs and upload reports. Use our secure file upload and online forms to monitor submissions and sender information in real-time with comprehensive auditing and reporting. Understand your audience demographics in greater detail by discovering who is using your secure web form to share sensitive files.

Control file types for upload. Our secure file upload form can control what kinds of data can be uploaded, like PDFs for proofs of identity and media files for evidence collection (for example Word, Excel and CSV, PDF, audio and visual media (e.g. MP3 and Mp4 files, JPG and PNG and all CCTV footage) and CAD).

Create forms for any purpose. Choose the fields that senders need to fill out and add extra verification to meet security requirements.

Match corporate branding. Egress Secure Web Form is totally customisable to suit your brand, providing added assurance to everyone uploading data.

Choose hosting to suit your needs. Choose where to host the files people have shared, whether it’s on-premise, hybrid or in the cloud, with choice of UK and US-only data centres.

Integrate with existing workflows. Automatically upload files into our secure online workspace for easy cloud storage and file management.

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